Captain Marvel (2nd Series)

 CAM2   (Marvel, 1989)

™ and ©1989 Marvel Characters, Inc.

The mantle of Captain Marvel now rests on the shoulders of a woman named Monica Rambeau. As an Avenger, she wielded her new powers skillfully, using the ability to turn into “living energy” to help defeat all manner of villains. However, in The Avengers #293, she apparently lost these powers for good.

As this second Captain Marvel series begins, the former super-heroine is readjusting to civilian life as a ship’s captain. When forces led by a villain named Powderkeg storm the ship and kill the crew, this hero finds herself reborn. Instead of dissipating, her powers have altered. Although she doesn’t possess her former strength in terms of raw power, Rambeau uses her brains and fighting skills to best her opponents.

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New Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) gets her powers back; One-shot; Indicia says Vol. 2 #1Dwayne McDuffieMark D. Bright