Dead Corps (e)

    (Helix, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Christopher Hinz and Steve Pugh

In the year 2101, being dead was no longer an excuse to get out of the armed services. Techniques in tissue reanimation had been perfected so that most fatal injuries could be repaired. As a result, a soldier killed in action might be back to work not long thereafter. The only changes were a certain sickly pallor, the need for special food additives to make food digestible, and the addition of an “e” (for “expired”) on their nametag.

Writer Christopher Hinz and artist Steve Pugh prove quite inventive in handling this intriguing concept. Particularly interesting is the way they handle discrimination against the reanimated soldiers, and the way Dead Corps squads become the dumping grounds for any misfit soldiers the powers-that-be wanted to get rid of. This series follows one such Dead Corps group of police investigators as they attempt to battle criminals, solve cases, and deal with their status as working corpses.

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