Shazam! Power of Hope

 SPOH   (DC, 2000)

™ and ©2000 DC Comics

“There are some battles even Captain Marvel may not win,” the old wizard Shazam tells young Billy Batson’s alter ego. But that doesn’t stop the Big Red Cheese from trying in this, fully painted, tabloid-sized graphic novel by writer Paul Dini and artist Alex Ross. Inspired by letters from a children’s hospital requesting a visit by Captain Marvel, Billy Batson decides to make some wishes come true and says the magic word. He soon discovers that taking on rampaging monster robots and stopping volcano eruptions are child’s play compared to some struggles. Ross’ ultra-realistic artwork and Dini’s strong grasp of narrative give insight into the struggles faced by young Billy Batson who is forced to be a man without the luxury of growing up. Shazam! Power of Hope joins their previously published oversized format collaborations Superman: Peace on Earth and Batman: War on Crime as an entertaining, collectible trilogy.

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OversizePaul DiniAlex Ross

#1 (2nd printing)

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2nd printing (2002)Paul Dini, Alex RossAlex Ross