The Big O Part 2

    (Viz, 1999-2002)
™ and © Hitoshi Arigo

Some forty years prior, the citizens of Paradigm City all lost their memories, and civilization has since had to reconstruct itself entirely from the remnants of its still working technology. In this world, vigilante Roger Smith lives two lives: one as a well–dressed negotiator, and another as the secret pilot of the Big O—one of two robot behemoths being used to dictate the balance of power between opposing forces vying for control of Paradigm City. While that conflict rages, yet another robot, Dorothy, takes the guise of a beautiful young woman, who seems to be different things to different people. To one man, she is the memory of his daughter. To another, she represents power, and nothing more. To a third, could she even be love? Everything comes to a head at the end of this series, as robots and men, innocents and criminals come crashing powerfully together. Who or what will come out on top in their inevitable confrontation?

Translated from Japanese from Hitoshi Ariga’s energetic and vibrant manga style. Black and white.

— Andy Richardson

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