Bare Foot Riot

    (Giant Robot, 2005)
ô and ©2005 Martin Cendreda

Martin Cendredaís got a much-tighter sketchbook than most artists, and the material contained in its pages is similarly focused. Thatís not to say it isnít full of random portraits, notional cartoons and pictures of Vanilla Ice in a track uniform (at least thatís what it looks likeÖ) but the thoughts in Cendredaís head are more clarified and expressive than the typical sketchbook in which drawings start as a seed and bloom from there.

Here, they spring fully-formed from the forehead of Zeus, or Cendreda, whoeverís willing to claim authorship. The art itself is a thin-line style very typical of Fantagraphics, though itís not actually a Fantagraphics book, but the product of Giant Robot.

ó Brendan McGinley

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ca. 2005Martin CendredaMartin Cendreda