Elf Warrior

 ELF8   (Adventure, 1987)

™ and ©1987 Adventure Comics, a division of Malibu Comics Entertainment

An evil overlord named Darkos wants to conquer a place called the Brightland, inhabited by humans. Fearful of almost certain destruction, the humans ask their neighbors, the elves, to aid in the defense of the Brightland. Although the leader of the elves refuses, the elves’ greatest warrior, Stormcrest, can see that the destruction of the humans’ territory will bring Darkos to their door. Stormcrest convinces the Woodland Guard, the elves’ elite fighting force, to fight Darkos. To win the battle, they must risk entering the dreaded home of Darkos, facing terrors almost beyond imagining.

Elf Warrior was a four-issue, black-and-white fantasy that ran during 1987. The first adventures of Stormcrest, the Elf Warrior, can be found in the pages of The Adventurers #1.

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 Peter HsuPeter Hsu


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B&WDan GreenbergPeter Hsu


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B&WDan Greenberg, Sanjiv PurbaPeter Hsu, Frank Reyes


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Published by Quadrant; B&WPeter Hsu, Lori Gerrard, Sanjiv Purba, Ron KasmanPeter Hsu, Frank Reyes, Ron Kasman