The Black Hood (Red Circle)

    (Red Circle, 1983)
ô and ©1983 Red Circle Productions, Inc.

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Since his 1960s incarnation mincing about and cracking wise in the pages of Mighty Comics Presents, the Black Hood had been partially rehabilitated by Neal Adams, Al McWilliams and Gray Morrow-illustrated stories in the otherwise reprint Archie Super-hero Comics Digest Magazine. The digest introduces policeman Kip Burland as a less flamboyant Black Hood, with the hood the only concession to crimefighting costume. Riding a motorcycle modified by fellow hero the Comet, Burland stars in a series of atmospheric short stories drawn by excellent old-school artists like Pat Boyette, Gray Morrow, Dan Spiegle and Doug Wildey. Alex Toth draws three excellent covers, and illustrates #2ís backup strip starring the Fox. Itís not his best art, but thereís little Toth thatís poor. All in all an unpretentious and extremely well-drawn series worth investigating. ~WJ

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13 copies available from $1.00
 Cary Burkett, Marv Channing, Robin SnyderGray Morrow, Doug Wildey, Al McWilliams


7 copies available from $0.99
 Gary Cohn, John Carbonaro, Rich MargopoulosAlex Toth, Gray Morrow, Pat Boyette, Dan Spiegle


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Wraparound coverSteve RinggenbergAlex Toth, Gray Morrow