Bio 90

    (Bullet, 1992)
™ and ©1992 Peter Koch

A sort of modern vampire retelling, Bio 90 owes much to the strong storytelling of writer/creator Peter Koch. While the story of biological experimentation gone awry is not new, the energy invested in this story is. When professor Lorus Prine and Guillermo Garcia discover a cure for AIDS, their lives seem destined for greatness. But professor Prine’s dreams edge into madness and after injecting himself, he injects Garcia. What follows is a race to find a cure for the dangerous and uncharted side effects while also racing to contain the destructive urges of Prine.

With art assists from Trevor Von Eeden (Green Arrow, Batman) and Mark Beachum (Vampirella, Spiderman), Bio 90 is cleverly written and smartly drawn with an eye for shadows and an ear for realism.

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B&WPeter KochFred Butler, Mark Beachum, Peter Koch, Trevor Von Eeden