The Official Great War of Magellan Comics Magazine

 OGWM   (BLAM!, 2005)

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Richard Hatch—of Battlestar: Galactica fame—offers up this preview of The Great War of Magellan, a sci-fi series the actor-turned-writer is developing for television. The slick magazine features the full script for first issue of the ongoing comic book series that takes place in the future in the nearby galaxy of the Magellan Cloud; beyond that, it presents details of and photos from the making of the promotional trailer that will be used to sell the series to both comics readers and television viewers. Character and setting descriptions are also included.

— Thomas Moudry

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ca. 2005Richard Hatch, Christian Berntsen, Andrew E.C. GaskaTrish van den Bergh, Micah Spivak, J.C. Woodson