Justice League Companion

    (TwoMorrows, 2005)
ô and ©2005 Michael Eury and TwoMorrows Publishing

This guide to the first thirteen years of DCís long-running, all-star team book includes a guide to the first 102 issues, interviews, profiles of creators, some rare artwork, and photos of JLA merchandise.

While fans will enjoy the issue summaries and a look at Metamorpho candy, the real meat of Justice League Companion comes from interviews with Justice League creators like Mike Friedrich, Murphy Anderson, and Denny OíNeil, who discuss the difficulties they faced in crafting stories. Also included are surprise chats with Avengers writers Stan Lee and Roy Thomas, who talks about the secret JLA/Avengers crossover.

These interviews plus author Michael Euryís analyses give an idea of what forces shaped the Justice League comic and show what influence the book had on the comic book landscape.

ó Colin Chan

From the Comics Buyerís Guide:

More than 45 years after they started in The Brave and the Bold #28 (Mar 60), DCís ageless heroes are more popular than ever. True to its publishing philosophy, TwoMorrows turns back the clock to recount how this Silver Age sensation began as an imitation of the Golden Ageís Justice Society of America, in turn inspired such clones as Marvelís Fantastic Four, and spawned multiple Earths.

Membership in this super-group was a hot ticket and caused a rotating roll call that soon led to crossovers inside and outside the DC universe. Covering the span from 1960 to 1972, this collection includes new and old interviews with The JLAís main creators, enough factual tidbits to fill the Secret Sanctuary, timelines, historical illustrations, a gallery of souvenirs, and a summary of the first 100 issues.

Compelled by his childhood obsession with this series, Michael Eury exhibits a fanaticism for trivia and for collecting an impressive array of artsy artifacts. Other likewise fixated fans will appreciate the level of passion on display and soak up the super-sentimentality like dry sponges.

ó Oliver Chin

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