Sentinels of Justice (2nd Series)

 SOJ2   (AC, 1994)

™ Americomics, © AC Comics

The new Ms. Victory! Commando D! Jet Girl! Together with more than a dozen other heroes (and you thought the Avengers had a huge membership), they are the Sentinels of Justice, protecting the country, the planet…and an all-state girls’ swim team? Wherever they are needed, the Sentinels are there. Given their extensive roster, it’s not surprising that each issue typically focuses on just a couple members of the team, battling evil and saving damsels in distress wherever they may be.

As one of AC’s “compact comics,” Sentinels of Justice issues are published at a slightly smaller size than normal, approximately 8 by 5 inches, and yet all the characters are still amply endowed.

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Avenger Dick Ayers


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Ca 1994; Capt. Flash; Jet Girl; Rocketman; Polybagged with Femforce #73Bill BlackBill Black, Bill Walton


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Yankee Girl