Black Magic (Eclipse)

    (Eclipse, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Masamune Shirow

(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

There is much that is good about Masamune Shirow’s work, and much that is bad. That it emanates from a largely alien culture exacerbates the often annoying differences in plot-structure and pacing you experience when reading Appleseed. Black Magic reprints his earliest series, a rather obvious (but nonetheless complicated) re-telling of the Greek creation myths set in a far future where a genetically-engineered mankind lives on Venus, ruled over by a bioroid called Zeus and closely watched by the Nemesis computer. Nemesis has created another bioroid to challenge Zeus’ supremacy and hidden her among the ordinary populace until it’s time to fight him. Shirow tells the story of Typhon the bioroid with the mixture of pomp, charm and humor peculiar to his work. The trappings are rather too grand for such a simple story and the development of character is jerky, as huge amounts of space have to be found for battles. Interesting for fans of his work, but not the place to start exploring manga. ~FJ

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