Landra Special

    (Alchemy, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Hector Diaz

Ce-Fe-Czar: she is both daughter and sister to dragons, and as such, she is also the warrior destined to defend the city of Fyrwynd in its direst hour. With the demonic legions of the evil Ketmahn Shan laying siege to the city, the moment she has prepared for her entire life has finally arrived. But Shan’s victory depends on the culmination of his most deadly spell, the final component of which is a woman “not born of this earth.” Enter Crystal and her fellow space-faring explorers, who came to the planet Landra looking for energy sources, only to find themselves unexpectedly caught in the middle of this epic battle.

This one-shot introduces all the major characters and plot details, apparently setting the stage for the possibility of an ongoing series.

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