Devilís Bite

 DEVB   (Boneyard, 1992-1993)

ô and ©1992 Hart D. Fisher

Sex and horror are a powerful psychological combination. Hart D. Fisher and Boneyard Press specialize in combining them to chilling effect, using a brutally graphic storytelling style thatís as raw at is powerful.

In Devilís Bite, an unbalanced young man named Jonathan Gabriel encounters a house of depravity filled with perverted sex acts and rampant child abuse. When he discovers the full extent of the horror, Gabriel snaps, grabbing shards of glass and using it to grisly effect on a man in the process of molesting a boy. From there, Gabriel becomes a virtual executioner, walking from room to room, slaying people as he went. Then he met a woman who was not only unfazed by the butchery, but actually embraced his madnessÖ

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