Madman Picture Exhibition

 MAPE   (AAA Pop, 2002)

™ and © AAA Pop

In this limited series, a number of comics artists interpret Mike Allred’s Madman in their own styles. From Frank Miller and P. Craig Russell in the first issue to Alex Ross and Jeff Smith in the fourth, a wide variety of styles are represented, most of which are appropriately tongue-in-cheek.

The art appears to have been collected over quite a span of time. Alex Toth’s and Don Simpson’s contributions are dated 1993; Walt Simonson’s and Sergio Aragonés’ are from 1996. Jack Kirby’s inclusion tells readers that these have been around a while.

While the art is interesting and thought-provoking, a mini-series may not be the best venue for it. A trading-card set makes a certain amount of sense for such a project. (For all readers can tell, this art may have previously appeared in a trading-card set; the contents page and indicia give no indication whether this is the case.) A single volume also makes a certain amount of sense. Indeed, this art and more are being collected in a hardcover edition. But a series of individual issues is probably the least effective means of distribution for the average consumer.

An art aficionado who knows the artists represented and understands the nuances of their styles might recall from issue to issue what has gone before. But, since it’s lacking a narrative, the casual reader might not have a sense of retention regarding what has previously been seen, especially when portions of it may have been seen before.

— Jack Abramowitz

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  Adam Hughes, Dave Gibbons, Geoffrey Darrow, Arthur Adams, Mike Mignola, Steve Purcell, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, Mark Silverstri, Tony Harris, John Bolton, Dan Brereton, Tom Fowler, Al Columbia, Doug Fraser, Tim Bradstreet, Matt Clark, Bill Tucci, Gavin Wilson, Matt Brundage, Shane Glines, Gary Gianni, Paul Lee, Dave Johnson, Michael Avon Oeming, Cam Kennedy, David Bamundo, Chris Bachalo


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