Flying Saucers (Dell)

    (Dell, 1967-1969)
©1967 Dell Publishing Co.

Flying Saucers specialized in tales of alien abductions, close encounters, and little green men in the perennial saucer-shaped spacecraft. A popular theme in science-fiction, these “visitors from beyond our planet” captured the popular imagination as the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. were furiously competing in the space race. This UFO mini-craze would diminish greatly by the early eighties.

In this 1967 series, alien visitors would make their presence known on our planet in a variety of exciting encounters. These ranged from the aircraft full of people who claimed to see a flying saucer, to countless farmers who claimed to have been whisked away and used in alien experiments. In every one of these cases, however, there was absolutely no physical proof left that an alien encounter had taken place. The readers was challenged to decide whether the sightings were real—or the product of imagination.

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  Chic Stone, Sal Trapani, Frank Springer, Sam Glanzman


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 Don ArnesonFrank Springer, Dick Giordano, Bill Molno, Chic Stone


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