Heroines Inc.

    (Avatar Comics, 1989)
™ and © Avatar Comics, Mike Kennedy

This all-female super-hero group was Avatar Comics’ first regular series. Written and drawn by Michael A. Kennedy (in a style very influenced by John Byrne), this series follows several sexy super-heroines in their fight against a government who thinks they have become too powerful to exist. Unfortunately for the government, they have also become too powerful to easily capture. Ms. Liberty, the most powerful member of the group, is also the leader. Super-strong Power can grow to seven feet tall. Lightning Strike is a second-generation hero, trying to live up to the legacy of her father. And Chromatech is invulnerable and super-strong. Villains include Black Cobra and Red Osprey.

While Avatar would later be known for female-centered fantasy and horror, this is straight on, late ‘80s, fun super-hero action.

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B&WMike KennedyBill Sienkiewicz, Gary Satterlee, Jim Dodd, Mike Kennedy


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 Mike KennedyMark Tenney, Donald Tenney