Soulfire The Collected Edition (Michael Turner’s…)

 STCV   (Aspen, 2005)

™ and © 2005 Aspen MLT, Inc.

It is a time of dragons and magic. It is… the future? In fact, it’s a couple of centuries in the future, when science and technology have created a dazzling, yet frightening world, and one that only gets moreso when an immense dragon appears and starts wreaking havoc on it. A mysterious winged woman from the past might be able to put things right, but she’ll need the help of some skeptical teens to get it done. She’s confident they’ll aid her though, after all, according to her, they’ve done so before…

This mind-bending adventure mixes past with future in a confusing blend that makes it hard to keep up with what happened first, and what will come last, but as usual Michael Turner’s art is so gorgeous you almost fail to notice. Jeph Loeb comes along to put words next to the pretty pictures.

— Andy Richardson

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Collects Soulfire #1-2 and Soulfire PreviewJeph LoebMichael Turner

#1 Variation A

No copies available Exclusive Collects Soulfire #1-2 and Soulfire PreviewJeph LoebMichael Turner