CONM   (Aaaahh!!, 1994)

™ and ©1993 Chris Swafford

Brace yourself for bad jokes and (we hope) intentionally overwrought writing as we venture into the world of Condom-Man. This rubber hood-wearing avenger is a mutant bounty hunter whose particular powers include super-strength, and the ability to swing from building to building like Spider-Man—except that he uses condoms instead of web fluid.

He’s the last survivor of the Condom Nation, and is assisted by his comrade Nad Morrissey (“Go Nad!”). If that weren’t bad enough, his first series of battles has him facing off against the monstrous Zit, and the nefarious Gyger.

Condom-Man was created by Chris Swafford, author of Ms. PMS, and debuted in 1994.

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Gold ink limited edition; 5,000 printed, signed & numberedChristopher T. SwaffordChristopher T. Swafford