Psyence Fiction

    (Abaculus, 1998)
ô and © Almost Angels Press

The Psyence Agency, based in Chicago, combines supernatural practices with scientific technology to combat a variety of unexplained phenomenon. The groupís field agents are an odd mix of individuals, with a wide array of powers and abilities. In many ways, they are each as much a mystery as their assignments. The beautiful Bianca combines CIA training with a hereditary and powerful cosmic force. Mark Blood is a hard-nosed bounty hunter, as well as a vampire. The volatile man called Rice is a talented marksman, and quite possibly a highly advanced cyborg. The new kid on the block, Gabriel, uses his seemingly normal facade to hide his true demonic nature.

All of these very different, and very dangerous, individuals need to learn to work together quickly, before they are overwhelmed by the mystical forces of evil they seek to defeat.

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Ashcan preview edition; Summer 1998; B&WDan Abnett, Rik HoskinDave Morris, Ian Richardson


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B&WDan Abnett, Rik HoskinDave Morris, Ian Richardson