Little Red Hot: Chane of Fools

 LRHF   (Image, 1999)

™ and ©1999 Dawn Brown

Lovely and deadly Chane is a former assassin determined to put a lifetime of killing behind her. She’s also intent on escaping the clutches of her husband, who’s a real devil—literally. To do that, though, she’s going to have to atone for past sins and go straight, which is easier said than done. Especially when your associates are all hitmen, the evil men who employ them, and the criminals whose lives Chane finds it hard to spare. Fortunately she’s got an angel on her side—again, literally. And he’s determined to show her the consequences of her actions and help her to reverse them, no matter the cost.

Written and drawn by Dawn Brown, this unique Image mini-series puts a strong female lead into a humorous and intelligent dramatic tale. Beneath it all, it focuses on the easily recognizable desire to change one’s life, regardless of the difficulty…or the consequences.

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