ONIG   (Antarctic, 1998)

™ and ©1998 Michael Lacomb

The story really began when Sho Yoshida stole the powers of a dying Oni (a mythical Japanese demon-creature) and used them to take on the crime boss that had killed his parents. The crime boss, Masaru Tomino, managed to have Yoshida killed in the end, and remained in power.

Although apparently dead, Yoshida reappeared before Chief Oda, a man who hated Tomino almost as much as Yoshida had. Yoshida asked Oda a favor, and Oda agreed. Before he knew it, Oda found himself with the powers and form of an Oni. Unlike a real Oni, however, Chief Oda could shift his shape at will, leaving behind the demonic appearance of the Oni and appearing once more to be just a man. With these new powers, he resumed Yoshida’s fight against Tomino. But Tomino had already stopped one demon—and was determined that this new one share the same fate.

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