Warrior Nun Areala Color Manga

    (Antarctic, 2005)
™ and © Ben Dunn

Warrior Nun Areala Color Manga Vol. 1 gets off to a great start! Readers meet Sister Shannon Masters as she completes her Warrior Nun training. Readers see her take her first assignment and ascend to become the latest incarnation of the Valkyrie-turned-angel Areala.

The second story flashes back to a World War II-era warrior nun. There’s a crossover with AP’s Gold Digger. A mysterious, bearded stranger turns up, and then…To be continued. Volume 1 ends abruptly, in the middle of the second story arc. That sort of thing may fly in mangaland but, Hush notwithstanding, it’s not cool for those of us raised here in trade-paperbackland. It’s not as if we’re talking about a 24-issue arc or something.

With that caveat in mind, it’s a great introduction to comics’ finest fighting clergywoman in her original, very un-nunlike costume. (The costume, with its impractical chest cutouts, was a source of debate at the time. Her later costume was only mildly more functional. No creature of habit, she.)

— Jack Abramowitz

From the Publisher:

Once per generation, the Valkyrie-turned-angel Areala embodies herself as a worthy sister of the Warrior Nun order. Warrior Nuns are an elite class of warrior for the Vatican. Areala’s purpose is to battle the forces that would seek to destroy her church and Mankind.

Join Areala as she’s sent to New York City, where she must confront a mad Roman magician/emperor who wants to sacrifice the entire city to his Lord, Lucifer. And time is running out.

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Collects Warrior Nun Areala VOl 1. #1-3 and Vol. 2 #1-3Ben DunnBen Dunn