Image Introduces…Primate

 IMAA   (Image, 2001)

™ and ©2001 Beau Smith, Kevin Bernhardt, and Idea and Design Works LLC

There was a time when men and apes existed not as hunters and prey, but as equals. It was a time when apes utilized 100% of their brains, but this time has been long forgotten by both groups, and evolution has evolved man into the dominant species.

Anthropologist Dr. Catherine Lim has spent her life trying to protect the gorillas of Africa, working with Bobo in particular, a gorilla of extraordinary intelligence and size. But when poachers threaten his loved ones, something awakens in Bobo. Brought about by a mysterious drumbeat and dormant instincts within the gorilla’s mind, Bobo is using his brain’s full capacity again, and he understands what it will take to stop these poachers once and for all.

Image introduces …gives readers a chance to sample unknown talents in the industry, offering a self-contained tale that serves as a primer for future series, without requiring a full investment.

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#1 Variation A

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B&WBeau Smith, Kevin BernhardtMitch Byrd

#1 Variation B

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 Beau Smith, Kevin BernhardtMitch Byrd