Birds of Prey: The Ravens

    (DC, 1998)
™ and ©1998 DC Comics

The Ravens are a group of female mercenaries who are reoccurring antagonists of Black Canary and Oracle in Birds of Prey. They are comprised of Pistolera, an expert with firearms; Termina, whose very touch brings death and decay; and Vicious, who can fire lethal shards from her gauntlets. Their leader is Cheshire, the former paramour of Speedy (now known as Arsenal), and the mother of his daughter. Flashbacks of Cheshire’s past reveal her regrets and ambitions. In this stand-alone issue, the Ravens are on a mission to obtain a deadly neutron generator from an international crime cartel called S.I.M.O.N. But unbeknownst to Cheshire, one of her band of mercenaries has her own ambitions.

This comic was part of Girlfrenzy Week in which DC published a group of titles accentuating female supporting characters. Donna Troy, Batgirl, and Lois Lane were among the characters that were highlighted during Girlfrenzy Week.

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