Conan vs. Rune

 COVR   (Marvel, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

The quintessential Conan artist returns to his own stomping grounds as Barry Windsor-Smith matches his new creation Rune against Conan the Barbarian. The story begins when Conan stumbles upon an apparently abandoned city in the midst of the desert. Upon further investigation, he discovers that the inhabitants had not left the city after all—they had been slaughtered— almost to a man. A half-dead survivor tells Conan of a strange man who seemed to have fallen from the sky and whom the townspeople nursed back to health. When he had recovered, the man repaid their kindness by sinking fangs into them and killing them like cattle. The man was no man at all, but a dark god—one which Conan must now battle!

Rune was created by Barry Windsor-Smith for Malibu Comics’ Ultraverse line of comic books and collectibles. Marvel’s purchase of Malibu in late 1995 allowed them to cross over the characters from the two comic universes.

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