The Warrior of Waverly Street

    (Dark Horse, 1996)
ô and ©1996 Trimark Pictures, Inc.

A robotic figure of alien metal arrives on earth, suggesting the tragic end of its planet of origin. For its history, we must travel to the distant planet Treklas, where the inhabitants have established a peace-loving, gentle, some might say, naive, civilization. After receiving a message inviting them to join the Panthelic Alliance, the sole voice of caution, Tenris DeíThar, was disregarded in favor of an attitude of reckless optimism. As the council sent a diplomatic envoy to extend the promise of peace, Tenris demonstrated his latest invention, the cyborg prototype, with less than exceptional results.

Meanwhile, on earth, Spencer, the new kid in school, is not having a good day. Waverly Street Elementary School is a daunting ordeal for this transplant to Crystal Falls. But Spencerís life is about to undergo a dramatic change due to the arrival of the cybersuit. This two-issue mini series is a prequel to the movie of the same name.

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