Chains of Chaos

 CHOC   (Harris, 1994-1995)

™ and ©1994 Harris Publications, Inc.

In an alternate reality, the Chaoschild, having slaughtered the Vampirella of that timeline, is primed to rule that universe, and spread his evil domination to other worlds. The reality-spanning warrior called Rook recruits this world’s Vampirella (as much for inspiration as foot soldier) to aid him and his fellow paladins, Bloodfang, Pendragon and Van Helsing. Even the Dracula of this dimension, reinvigorated by the presence of one thought to be lost in the conflict, returns to the battle.

Vampirella’s enduring popularity enables Harris Publications to employ her in genres other than the bad-girl type for which she was created. Chains of Chaos for example, contains science-fiction elements mingled with the more familiar occult milieu.

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