(Atlas, 1975)
™ and ©1975 Atlas Comics, published by Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.

Doctor Lannie Hill did his internship in a small clinic in Zambia. He became fascinated with the sort of sixth sense that the animals there seemed to possess. Herds of Antelope, for instance, seemed to be able to detect danger even though they could not see their hunter. Hill’s dream was to isolate what it was that gave animals this ability—and somehow infuse that ability into a human.

After endless failed attempts, Hill finally isolated the factor from the blood of a tiger. In order to test it, he injected himself with the serum. Hill felt the strength of the tiger coursing through him—along with a matching ferocity. When a jealous native doctor loosed the tiger in the streets, Hill was able to kill it with his bare hands. He then took its claws and skin to make a costume for himself. When he returned home to America, he found that crime had turned the city into a different kind of jungle. But now he was ready to do something about it…as Tigerman!

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1st Appearance of Tigerman; Origin of TigermanGabriel LevyErnie Colón


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