Brute Force

 BRUF   (Marvel, 1990)

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Doctor Randall Pierce was a brilliant research scientist working for MultiCorp, a vast conglomerate. Pierce believed he had the perfect solution for protecting the environment, a goal that MultiCorp ostensibly shared. He had designed bio-technology that gave animals human-level intelligence, as well as enhanced powers which they could use to help save the planet.

As outrageous as the idea sounded, it actually worked. But then a group of gunmen dressed as clowns stole the gorilla prototype, intending to use him to help clear swaths of the Amazon Rain Forest. To recover the gorilla, Pierce activated the rest of the subjects, including a kangaroo, eagle, bear, lion, and—yes—a dolphin. Even as they set off to find their missing teammate, Pierce’s own boss at MultiCorp was raiding his records in order to complete his own team: a group of animals called “Heavy Metal” which he would use to act as enforcers for his greedy enterprises.

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