Casper in 3-D

    (Blackthorne, 1988)
™ and ©1988 Harvey Publications, Inc.

Casper the Friendly Ghost is back, and this time he’s leapin’ right off the page at ya! But so are such luminaries as Sheena, Queen of the Jungle; Dick Tracy; Bullwinkle and Rocky; Underdog; G.I. Joe; Laurel and Hardy; and—hold onto your seats—the California Raisins. Quite a variety, eh? This Casper in 3-D special, part of a larger Blackthorne line of 3-D specials, reprinted the adventures of several classic Harvey Comics characters, including Baby Huey, Little Dot, Playful Little Audrey, Wendy, the Good Little Witch, with 3-D effects, as well as movie adaptations for Star Wars, Red Heat, Waxworks, and Moonwalker and also had issues devoted to horror and science fiction stories.

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Winter 1988; Blackthorne 3-D Series #57