Riot Gear: Violent Past

 RGVP   (Triumphant, 1994)

ô and ©1994 Corporate Kingdom Holdings, Inc. except Ximos, Argus, Yaris, Chiubo, Mettitt, Jack Hanal, Tai, Ranii, and Jaquan who are ô and ©1994 Jarrold Post

The galaxy is a vast place, and the wonders of space are matched only by the dangers. Whenever regular security or military forces canít handle a problem, the members of Riot Gear are called into action. They are the best interstellar fighting force the military has.

This two-issue limited series appeared in addition to the regular ongoing series. It presented an early adventure of the team, providing a little extra character background.

Triumphant Comics produced similar two-issue series for several of their other titles, including The Chromium Man.

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 John RileyJames Webb


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