Blood & Roses Essential

 BLRE   (Afterburn, 2004)

™ and © 2004 Bob Hickey

Christiana Blood is a fierce warrior from the medieval Crusades, denied the right to battle because of her gender. Tamara Rose is a gritty cop from the hi–tech future, tired of the bureaucratic red tape that hinders her job. Plucked from their lives and respective eras by powerful beings claiming to be Time Lords, the beautiful duo now journey through Time, struggling to repair damage to the Time Stream by retrieving powerful artifacts called Time Shards.

With 2005 plans for both the release of a Blood & Roses graphic novel, which will include every B&R story printed to date, and an all–new mini–series, this encore presentation of the team’s adventures, which includes sketches and pin–ups, not only provides readers with a good introduction to the story while leaving them wanting more, it lays the groundwork for the entire proposed “Skystorm Universe.”

— Joseph Self

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