Terry and the Pirates (Avalon)

 TATA   (Avalon, 1998)

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Daring adventurers, exotic locales, and even more exotic women were the elements that made Terry and the Pirates one of the most popular newspaper strips in history. Beginning in 1934, aviator Pat Ryan and his young friend, Terry Lee, engaged in the type of escapades that the Blackhawks excelled at, a decade later in comic books, and featured slinky, sexy women like many of the Spiritís femme fatales. Terry and the Pirates promulgated the image of the bold and dauntless American in perilous situations, overcoming incredible odds.

This series reprints newspaper strips by George Wunder, who inherited it when the creator, Milton Caniff, became engaged in a contract dispute with the syndicate in 1946. Caniff went on to create Steve Canyon, and Wunderís run on Terry and the Pirates lasted until the strip ended in 1973. The Hildebrandt brothers revived and updated the strip in 1995.

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