Change Commander Goku (1st Series)

    (Antarctic, 1993-1994, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Bang Ippongi

Japanese artist Bang Ippongi made his U.S. debut with this self-effacing super-hero manga series. Change Commander Goku debuted in 1993 from Antarctic Press. Thankfully, the English translators took the time to explain the numerous inside jokes and manga references which Bang delighted in throwing into his story.

The series introduces Gokuro, a young boy whose sister is Hani, the notorious “Cutey Honey.” She’s a super-heroine with the particular trait of vaporizing her clothes in a “Honey Flash” which leaves her temporarily naked. Understandably, Cutey Honey has become something of a star amongst the boys in Goku’s school, and a huge embarrassment to her brother. Goku’s life becomes more trying when he gets his own super-powers. Before dying, their parents had set in motion a plan which gave super-powered suits to their offspring, in order to fight the shadowy Black Iczer organization.

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1st Appearance of The True-Brewing Magnetic Man; AdultIppongi BangIppongi Bang


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