Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War

    (DC, 2001)
™ and ©2001 DC Comics

In the “Worlds At War” crossover event, aliens from a number of different worlds are fighting with earth as the major battleground. Earth’s mightiest super-heroes join the battle, but many pay a cost that is too dear for anyone to bear. In this one-shot, Wonder Woman comes to terms with the death of someone extremely close to her. But the story is not about the amazing Amazon, so much as it is a history primer of all Amazons, as well as the explanation of various incongruities that have sprouted up in Princess Diana’s 60-year history. Writer Phil Jimenez produces one of the best Wonder Woman stories since Diana’s re-boot in the mid-1980s. In the space of a single comic, he manages to cogently explain the entire Wonder Woman saga, making room for a World War II era Wonder Woman, reconciling the Amazon’s relationship with Donna Troy (of Teen Titans fame), and establishing a much more cohesive mythology for the character. It’s a great jumping-in point for any WW fan eager to catch up on the latest doings of DC’s greatest heroine.

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Our Worlds At War; All-Out WarPhil JimenezCliff Chiang, Jamal Igle, Andrew Buzz