Magnetic Men Featuring Magneto

 MMFM   (Amalgam, 1997)

ô and ©1997 Marvel Characters, Inc. and DC Comics

The Amalgam experiment in 1996 proved so successful that Marvel and DC undertook another batch of titles in 1997 featuring character conglomerations, but decided to forego any contrivance to account for the presence of these titles, like the four-issue mini-series Marvel Versus DC/DC Versus Marvel of the previous year.

Erik Magus (Magneto) created the Magnetic Men to oppose the plans of his brother Will Magus, creator of the Sentinels, but when the Magnetic Men develop sentience, Magneto can no longer bear to use them as his weapons. Much to the Magnetic Menís surprise, he frees them and gives them human identities. This Amalgam title blends themes from Marvelís Magneto with DCís Metal Men, and recalls issue #37 of the original run of the Metal Men when they acquired human guises.

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