(Antarctic, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Don Walker

Creature by Don Walker provides an object lesson on How to Succeed in the Comics Business in the Late 1990s (without really trying). First, start with a plot about demons and aliens. Add a half-naked babe with a sword. Set the whole thing in a neo-gothic futuristic city at night. Throw in a half-naked babe or two (show ‘em taking a bath or shower—that’s a good way to get ‘em naked!). Draw the whole thing as if you were being paid by the pen-stroke, with lots of blood and explosions. Learn an image-editing program well enough to do a gradient color fill. Add in the babes and shake well. Print the book on good paper in 16 million colors and someone will buy it. And don’t forget the half-naked babes.

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