(Adventure, 1989-1990)
Story ©1989 R.A. Jones Art ©1989 M.C. Wyman and Bruce McCorkindale. Cover painting ©1989 Mitch Foust.

Sinbad, the sailor from the Arabian Nights adventures, is one of the oldest heroes in literature. Heís a daring rogue who lives by his wits and his sword, taking what treasure he can while breaking the hearts of damsels along the way.

Writer R.A. Jones and artists M. C. Wyman, Bruce McCorkindale, and Bobby Blair do justice to the scope and grandeur of the Sinbad legend. In 1989, they introduced this atmospheric and well-illustrated series for Malibuís Adventure Comics line. Rendered in black-and-white, with lush wash tones applied by Blair, their Sinbad adaptation follows the format of the Arabian Nights original right down to the framing story of the princess Shaharazad (sic).

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