SAD5   (London Night, 1996)

™ and ©1996 Everette Hartsoe

This ultra-violent black-and-white title finds Sade fastening on her nipple ring and heading out in the wind and snow to kill Bob Ringert, a lowlife who commissions films of women being raped and murdered. Interestingly enough, Razor is on his trail as well, and as they search for Ringert separately and unknown to one another, they leave a wealth of mangled corpses in their wake. It’s thirty pages of blodd-and-guts, boys and girls—not for the faint of heart or the easily offended.

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1 copy available for $0.99
From Bishop Press/Titled Sade Special #1Kevin HillScott Pentzer

#1 (2nd printing)

2 copies available from $10.00
Encore Edition; AdultKevin HillScott Pentzer

#1 Variation A

1 copy available for $20.00
Signed Edition; Limited to 4,150; Signed by Scott Pentzer and Kevin Hill; Includes COAKevin HillScott Pentzer