Sanctum (Humanoids)

    (Humanoids, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Humanoids Inc.

A sunken submarine, more than 70 years old and some 4,000 feet deep, sends a distress call to the U.S.S. Nebraska. Investigating, the Nebraska’s crew finds more than just a submarine, and more than just a crew who died under mysterious circumstances. They find a massive undersea temple, apparently erected to honor an ancient god of death. But as they investigate further, they find a truth that is far, far worse. Will any of them survive to tell it?

Stories set in the claustrophobic confines of a submarine are almost scary on their own, but mix in a strained crew plagued by fear and hallucinations and a terrible demon, and this graphic novel is even scarier. The dark and moody tale is by Xavier Dorison and Christopher Bec.

— Andy Richardson

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Hardcover; OversizedXavier DorisonChristophe Bec


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Book #1

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Collects Sanctum (Humanoids) #1-2; Published by DC Comics; ca. 2005Xavier DorisonChristophe Bec

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HardcoverXavier DorisonChristophe Bec