Street Sharks

    (Archie, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Archie Publications

After insane geneticist Dr. Hugo Paradigm mixed his DNA with that of a piranha, he was transformed into the hideous Dr. Pirahnoid. When he continued his work he could never have guessed that he would produce his greatest adversaries.

They swim in the sea. They swim on the land. They swim in the streets. They’re Streex, Ripster, Big Slammu, and Jab: The Street Sharks. A creation of Dr Pirahnoid, they’re half-human, half-shark, and all attitude. Wherever trouble is found, they will be there, fighting to protect Fission City from the menace of the evil doctor whose maniacal experiments threaten to upset the balance of nature, turning the creatures of the sea into rampaging beasts intent on destroying everything in their path.

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 Evan SkolnickNelson Ortega, Manny Galán


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