Unity 2000

    (Acclaim, 1999-2000)
and 1999 Acclaim Comics, Inc.

First they were in Gold Key. Then, they were revived in Valiant. Now, they arrive at Acclaim, the comics imprint of the video game manufacturer. Who are they? Why, Magnus the robot-fighter, Doctor Solar and Turok, Son of Stone, who have been through many crises and many comics companies. Here, and once again in the hands of writer Jim Shooter (former Marvel exec and the man who revived these characters in the 1990s) these heroes, along with Shadowman, X-O Manowar and other heroes from the Valiant and Acclaim lines are reunited for the usual reason: a universe-threatening crisis. So begins the mini-series designed to bring all the Valiant heroes into the same reality as the Acclaim heroes. Aside from the standard worlds-will-die-heroes-will-die crisis action, seen before in works like the more masterful Crisis on Infinite Earths and Total Eclipse, this mini-series at least features some nifty art by the always-excellent Jim Starlin (Dreadstar), whose visuals really do give you the sense of a cosmos-shattering event in the offing.

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 Jim ShooterJim Starlin

#1 Variation A

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Ashcan #1

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Ashcan preview; B&WJim ShooterJim Starlin