The Crypt

    (Aaaargh!, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Aaaargh! Associated Artists

The Crypt is a black-and-white series that chronicles the adventures of a group of teenagers in a forgotten land. The teenagers are Sean Gallagher, a fourteen-year-old boy; Sean’s older brother, Steven; Casey, Steven’s girlfriend; Josh, a football jock; and Becky, Casey’s girlfriend. The teens explore an ancient crypt in which they lose Sean. Steven and Josh go to look for him and find that they have accidentally stumbled upon a strange new world of fantasy. The girls soon join the boys and they band together in an effort to locate Sean. Along the way, the teens fight monsters, save princesses, and meet wise sorcerers.

This title closely resembles the popular 1980s series Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

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 Gregory KrolczykDamon Willis, Marc Hempel