Deep Terror

 DEEJ   (Avalon, 1998)

™ and ©1998 Avalon Comics Group

This anthology of seafaring horror stories sets sail with a classic horror comic feel as the tales are introduced and narrated by an array of creepy characters. The sense of foreboding is compounded by the stark and moody black-and-white art, heavy with shadows. Whether it’s a yarn about a man who managed to die on both the Titanic and the Lusitania, or about the supernatural link between a pirate and his treasure—one that calls him from beyond the grave—this comic shows that ghosts, and the evil that drives them on, are not things solely locked to the shore.

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B&WCastellon Alascia, Joe Gill, Pat BoyetteCastellon Alascia, Pat Boyette, Tom Sutton