Black Axe

    (Marvel UK, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Marvel Comics UK, Ltd.

The directors of the MyS-TECH corporation wove a magical spell which gave them immortality sometime in the year 987. Today, they’re each over a thousand years old. To Black Axe, though, they’re just a bunch of kids.

Black Axe is an assassin who has lived for fifty thousand years—time that has let him perfect his craft until he seems more of a legend than a man. In his years, he has had countless identities and has fought with all manner of weapons.Today, he prefers a futuristic axe which he treats like a partner, and which seems to possess a life of its own.

For five hundred years, Black Axe has been in retirement since there appeared to be no challenges worthy of him. Then, he accepted a contract with the MyS-TECH corporation to “acquire” an immortality formula from the scientists developing. In doing so, he crossed blades with Death’s Head II—and suffered defeat for the first time.

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1st Appearance of Black AxeSimon JowettEd Perryman


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