Tales of Sleepy Hollow: The Lost Chronicles of I Hunt Monsters

 TOSZ   (Antarctic, 2005)

™ and © Antarctic Press

Whispers amongst the townspeople speak of nights when Jack Murdstone dug up corpses in the graveyard and burned the bodies in order to capture the spirits in an amulet. This amulet is said to harbor a powerful evil that only Jack may employ. On All Hallows’ Eve, the one day when the portal between the land of the living and the land of the dead is opened, the people of Sleepy Hollow fear that Jack will use the power he has accumulated to terrorize the town and steal the season’s harvest for himself. However, the only person terrorized is Jack, who is hanged by an angry and fearful mob. But soon, it becomes apparent that the village has made a terrible mistake, as not only a curse infects Sleepy Hollow, but soon a deadly horseman comes to exact his revenge.

— Jillian Burcar

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 Craig BabiarDavid Hutchison, Craig Babiar