(Antarctic, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Ben Dunn

It’s 1939 Germany, and Nazi soldiers sweep the land. There the historical similarities end, as the Führer has died of pneumonia; aliens have landed and are preparing a major assault on the earth; and the humans’ major technological defenses are represented by a super-science center known as Valhalla. Defending its gates are armed forces represented by Colonel Heydrich, a raven-haired beauty whose mind wanders to erotic thoughts, and genetically enhanced warriors like psi-powered Jeosph and the dog-soldier—literally—Otto. Working to combat the alien technology are such scientists as high-strung Dr. Hahn and kindly Professor Nomura; caught somewhere in the middle is an innocent girl who has stumbled upon the greatest power the world has ever seen.

Written and drawn by talented Antarctic publisher Ben Dunn, this full-color series is jammed with intriguing characters, an intricately woven plot, and plenty of action. When an apparent Shogun Warrior homage appears, it’s clear that anything can happen.

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