ORBI   (Eclipse, 1990)

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(From The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

Adaptations of prose fiction to comics generally result in dashed expectations. To those who know the stories, the thrill of seeing them visualized is usually offset by the disappointment incurred by the necessary contractions. Those unfamiliar with the original work have very little reason for sampling, leaving only staunch fans of the artists concerned likely to be happy. So it is with Orbit, in which stories originally published in Issac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine are realized by artists of the quality of John Bolton and Tom Yeates. Both artists feature in #3, along with John Estes illustrating one of Asimov’s better-known stories “The Last Question,” making the best sample. ~WJ

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2 copies available from $6.50
ca. 1990Brent Anderson, Fred Burke, Frederik Pohl, Isaac Asimov, Leslie Clague, Neal Barrett Jr., Steve NilesBrent Anderson, John Bolton, Mark Pacella


1 copy available for $4.52
ca. 1990Fred Burke, J.D. ScottDarick Roberston, Rafael Kayanan, Michael Davis


4 copies available from $4.25
ca. 1990Don Thompson, Fred Burke, Garry Kilworth, Isaac Asimov, Lucius Shepard, Tom YeatesJohn Bolton, John Estes, Tom Yeates