Toxic Gumbo

    (Vertigo, 1998)
and 1998 Lydia Lunch and Union City, Inc.

Lydia Lunch (Bloodsucker) and Ted McKeever (Metropol, Industrial Gothic) weave the twisted tale of Onesia, child of a world filled with poison, pollution, voodoo, and science gone wrong. Onesia begins life in a Catholic orphanage, experimenting with animals, herbs, her own flesh and blood, and the other inhabitants of the orphanage. When that world teaches her all it can, she ventures out on her own. She ranges far and wide, from New Orleans to St. Louis, with only one thing constant, the River. A mirror of her own body, both toxic and life-giving, the River is her mother, her protector, and possibly her role model.

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NN; One-shot; Prestige formatLydia LunchTed McKeever